Meera’s Kitchen is a one-woman show inspired by Beena’s life growing up in suburban Cincy as a child of Indian immigrants, learning her family's recipes and dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). She is passionate about stories centering the South Asian community.

Beena Raghavendran

Playwright, Actor, Producer

Beena Raghavendran is a storyteller, journalist and amateur playwright based in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Mason, Ohio. She caught the theater bug performing for a decade in community and high school theater in Greater Cincinnati. She has also performed on stages in New York City and suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul. Beena, a first-generation Indian-American, tells stories about South Asian identity. Meera’s Kitchen is her first full-length play and first solo performance.

Jack Lotkowski

Technical Director

Kofi Gumbs

Music Producer

Show Credits

Meera’s Kitchen
Written and produced by Beena Raghavendran

2021 premiere at the Cincy Fringe Festival
All roles played by Beena Raghavendran

Works cited or referenced in the show (or ones that directly inspired the show)